The exhibition “Stamatis Zannos – Embroidery - Louis Dupré - Karl Krazeisen” opens on Friday, March 25, 2022 at “Sofroni 13”, in Nafplion.

Louis Dupré and Karl Krazeisen with their lithographs kept company to Stamatis Zannos during the quarantine period.

The images of people met by both the French painter -during his journey to pre-revolutionary Greece and to Constantinople in 1819- as well as the German army officer and illustrator, inspired St. Zannos two hundred years later, who depicted them in a modern way, using a traditional technique, the embroidery.

The works in the exhibition reveal the course of artist Stamatis Zannos and his own personal “resistance” as a contemporary creator against the unparalleled consequences of the pandemic.

Duration: 25.3-30.4.2022

Opening hours: 10.00-14.00