The BPF publishes two original scientific journals, Ethnographica, which now numbers 15 issues and Endymatologica (5 issues).
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Pottery - Coppercraft
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Μusic - Dance
Essai sur la chanson populaire greque BAUD‑BOVY, Samuel Nauplie 1983. 123 pp, 8 photos en noir et blanc, notes, une cart bibliographie index. Accompagné de deux cassettes et d’une transcription des examples musicaux donnés par ces...
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Individual works
Dark Rooms ISBN 960-86398-6-7 LOIZIDOU, Maria (2003). Exhibition catalogue. Nafplion. 21,5 cm, pp 40. Text: Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, Editor: Maria Papadopoulou. Design: cKostas Katsoulas. Bilingual edition: Greek-English
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Periodical - Ethnographica
ETHNOGRAPHICA 01 ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1978. Greek edition. In CD only. out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 02 ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1979-80
ETHNOGRAPHICA 03 ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1981-1982. Greek edition. out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 04-05 ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1983-85. Special issue on Costume, Musical Instruments, Coppercraft, Anthropology of Dance. Editor: Antiklia Moundrea-Agrafioti. Greek edition out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 06. On Technology ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1989. Editor: Stelios Papadopoulos. Greek edition out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 07. On Costume ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1989. Editor: Ioanna Papantoniou. Greek edition out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 08. Dance in Greece ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1990-92. Editor: Irene Loutzaki. Bilingual edition: Greek-English out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 09. Children’s play ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1993. Editor: Cleo Gougoulis. Bilingual edition: Greek-English out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 10. Tribute to Epirus ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1995. Editors: Ioanna Papantoniou and Cleo Gougoulis. Bilingual edition: Greek-English out of stock
ETHNOGRAPHICA 12-13. Museums and Folk culture ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 1998. Editor: Cleo Gougoulis. Bilingual edition: Greek-English
ETHNOGRAPHICA 14. Tribute to Cyprus ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 2009. Editors: Anna Neophytou, Kalliopi Protopapa, Theophano Kypri and Leandros Antoniades. Bilingual edition: Greek-English
ETHNOGRAPHIKA 15B: The women local costume of Argolidokorinthia ISSN 0257-1692 Nafplion 2021. Text: Ioanna Papantoniou - Editor: Maria Papadopoulou. Bilingual edition: Greek-English The publication subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports - Directorate of Modern...
Periodical - Endymatologica
ENDYMATOLOGIKA 01. Πρακτικά 1ου Κύκλου Mαθημάτων του Εθνικού Αρxείου Ελληνικής Παραδοσιακής Ενδυμασίας ISSN 1108-8400 Nafplion 2000. Co-ordination: Xenia Politou. Greek edition. In CD only out of stock
ENDYMATOLOGIKA 02. Report of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Costume Committee of the ICOM ISSN 1108-8400 Nafplion 2001. Coordination: Xenia Politou. English edition
ENDYMATOLOGIKA 03. Pleats and Folds: Multiple Meanings. Conference Proceedings ISSN 1108-8400 Nafplion 2009. Co-ordination: Xenia Politou Sponsor: Samourka Foundation
ENDYMATOLOGIKA 04. Endyesthai (To Dress). Historical, sociological and methodological approaches. Conference Proceedings ISSN 1108-8400 Nafplion 2012. Co-ordination: Xenia Politou Printed with the support of the Texmedin project
ENDYMATOLOGIKA 05. Dress and Politics. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the ICOM Costume Committee Nafplion 2015. Editors: Sofia Pantouvaki and Elia Petridou. English edition
PFF CD 1: The Hellenic Musical Tradition in South Italy. Hellenophones, Albanophones. Salento, Calabria, Sicilly Athens 1996. (Re-issuing of LP VI-VII). Research: Lambros Liavas. Texts: Lambros Liavas, Titos Giohalas, Anastassis Karanastassis, Recording Engineer: Nicos Dionyssopoulos. English Translation: Helen...
PFF CD 2: Music from Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Attica, Peloponnese, Dodecanese and Cyprus Re-issuing of LP I, II. Text: Fivos Anoyanakis. Bilingual edition: Greek-English out of stock
PFF CD 3-9 Cyprus Popular Music Re-issuing of the 7 LP. Nafplion, 1999. 31.5 cm, pp. 82, photos: monochrome, map. Research-Musical supervision: Fivos Anoyanakis. Supervision: Alecos Iakovides. Sponsor: A.G. LEVENDIS Foundation
Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation A presentation of the Museum treasures for the exhibition “The Best of the PFF”. out of stock
The costumes of the historical Greek geographical area 978-618-86209-2-6 NEW The costumes of the historical Greek geographical area TEXT: Ioanna Papantoniou EDITOR: Maria Papadopoulou AUTHORS OF ENTRIES: Maria Papadopoulou, Angeliki Roumelioti TRANSLATION: Daphne Kapsali...
ΤSEKLENIS A presentation of Yannis Tseklenis creations for the exhibition “Yannis Tseklenis. A Greek fashion designer”, Athens 1999 out of stock